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Little Loa Voodoo Doll/Poppet Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Little Loa Voodoo Doll/ Poppet Amigurumi

**Feel free to sell finished objects made from this pattern! Do not copy/alter/redistribute the pattern in any form physical or electronic! Please send people back to the blog so I can keep more free patterns coming to you!

Snag the downloadable PDF on Etsy & Ravelry!

Materials Needed: (these affiliate links cost you nothing extra, but keep me stocked in yarn to make new designs!)


Stitches/techniques used:
MR-magic ring
Sl st-slip stitch
SC-single crochet
INC-2 sc in one stitch
DEC-sc two stitches together through front loops only

All parts are worked in a spiral, so use your stitch marker at the beginning of each round!
1-2-3… STITCH!
Legs (make 2)
1.)    Make a magic ring. Ch 1. Make 4 SC into MR. Pull yarn tail to close ring. [4 sc]
2.)    2sc into first stitch of previous row. Place marker into first stitch. INC every stitch for the rest of the round. [8 sc]
3-5.)Sc each stitch around, replacing marker at start of each round. Fasten off first leg.

Make second leg, but DO NOT break yarn. Stuff both legs.

Hold both legs & sl st 2nd leg to 1st leg.
1.)    SC next st. Place marker. SC each st around both legs to end of row. [16 sc]
2-5.) sc each stitch. [16 sc]
6.) *sc next 2 stitches, dec two sc together. Repeat from * around to marker. [12 sc]
7.) sc each st around. [12 sc]
Stuff Body firmly with fiber fill/yarn scraps.

       8.) *SC, INC next st. Repeat from * to end of row. [18 sc]
       9.)*sc next 2, inc in 3rd st. Repeat from * to end. [24 sc]
     10-12.) sc each st around. [24 sc]
     13.)*sc next 2 st, dec. Repeat from * to end of row. [18 sc]
     14.) *sc, dec. Repeat from * to end of row. [12 sc]
If using safety eyes, place them on row 10, about 3-4 st apart. Stuff head firmly.
     15.) Dec around entire row. Fasten off, sew top of head shut. Weave in ends.

Arms (make 2, unless you’re making a one-armed doll!)
1.)    4 sc in MR. [4 sc]
2.)    *sc, inc. Repeat from * to end.[6 sc]
3-5.) sc each st. [6 sc]
Fasten off. Sew arms to body on either side of the head.

Now for the fun part! Decorate your Little Loa however you want! Make prominent stitches around the joins for the arms, on the feet, X in place of an eye, X’s for a mouth! The options are limitless. You can make it from different colors and honor the spirit of the loa you plan to call upon by adding symbols or buttons for whatever concept they represent.

A Touch of Lore
Voodoo, like so many traditions, has been given a bad rep due to horror movies and media misconceptions. The “voodoo doll” is a form of poppet, or doll, magic. The most common use for a poppet is actually healing and protection, not harm. A poppet, like many things in spiritual practices, is neither good nor evil. The intent of the user is what makes it one way or the other.

The Loa are the prominent spirits typically called upon for favors in the Voodoo tradition. Each of the primary twelve represents something different, though many loa are paired together with complementary (or contradicting) aspects. Interested in an overview of the most commonly called upon loa? Check out this list!

These Little Loa dolls are just the right size for bag charms, keychains, and filling your tables for craft fairs! Show them off on social media with the hashtag #littleloa so I can see your creations!

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